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Most Dining for Women chapters are small groups of friends, neighbors, or co-workers – anyone who wants to make a difference and share a sense of community. We get together monthly to dine in, catch up with friends, expand our knowledge of the world, and donate to projects that reduce poverty and promote gender equity for women and girls in developing countries. Everyone gives what they can, usually what they would have spent dining out. Our individual gifts get combined with thousands of others from Dining for Women chapters across the U.S.

Together, we are changing the world, and having fun, too – it’s socializing with substance.

Do you have a small group of friends you can bring together for a worthy cause? Starting a chapter is simple, easy and fun!

  1. ORTalentGATHER friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.
  2. SHARE a meal once a month.
  3. LEARN about the challenges facing women and girls in the developing world.
  4. DONATE. Together we are making a big impact!


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*There is a $50 registration fee which helps defray the cost of a new chapter start-up including DVDs and other education materials, donations processing, and other administrative expenses.