Sustained Grants


By invitation only, sustained funding is a longer-term commitment

Every three years, Dining for Women selects projects that have been previous beneficiaries of funding as monthly featured grantee to receive sustained funding. Sustained grantees will receive a total of $60,000 — $20,000 in each of three years.

Projects our selection committee would like to consider will be invited to submit full proposals and a budget. Organizations cannot apply for sustained funding. This grant program is by invitation only.

Additional requirements:

  • An invitation to submit a full proposal and budget does not guarantee that the grant proposal will be selected.
  • To be eligible for consideration, a minimum of a year must have passed from the organization receiving full payment of its featured grant funding. 
  • Any organization invited to submit a sustained grant proposal, will be “in good standing” with Dining for Women with all reporting requirements fulfilled from its original grant.
  • A project considered for sustained funding must have demonstrated success with meeting grant objectives related to their original grant.

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