Chapter Resources

Tools to help you engage, enlighten and involve

Our chapters are the heart of Dining for Women and the women who lead them are a critical part of helping us achieve our mission to empower women and girls around the world. These resources are designed so leaders – both veterans and rookies – can learn the standard operating guidelines and procedures for the organization as well. And also provide tools to help you serve your members, energize your group, educate your chapter and your community and help us support these worthy organizations.

Becoming a chapter leader

  • Fill out and submit the interest form. A regional leader or mentor will contact you to help you get your chapter launched.
  • Be sure to pay your $50 chapter registration fee. You will be prompted to pay this when you register a new chapter.
  • Complete the online training course for new leaders and submit the course evaluation.
  • Talk with a Dining for Women representative before your first meeting.

Educating and engaging


Here are all the ways chapter leaders and presenters can educate themselves on the Featured Grantee in preparation for inspiring your chapter members. We encourage you to review as many of the materials as you can. Even if you don’t present all the content, reviewing it will prepare you to answer questions that may arise.

  • Read the monthly educational materials about the grantee/project. Each featured grantee has a Program Fact Sheet, which is a detailed description of the project, of the issues it addresses and how DFW funding will be used and Food for Thought, which offers an in-depth look at the issue worldwide.
  • Read the chapter leader newsletter, which is emailed to you on the third Thursday of each month.
  • Download the program flyer for the last half of 2018.
  • NEW! Download the program flyer for the first half of 2019.
  • Review the Chapter Leader Talking Points, which includes national DFW news to share, meeting ideas and best practices from other chapter leaders and information on funding.
  • Review the project video. It can be played from the grantee page, YouTube or the DVD you received in the mail. If you need a replacement DVD, you can request one. 
  • Read the Recipes, Customs and Cuisine from the featured country available from the grantee page. Many chapters make recipes from the featured country for their meetings.
  • Remind members and guests to use the links in Shop! Read! Watch! Listen!, which spotlights Fair trade items, books, films and music from and about the country featured this month.
  • Read the blog post on presenting with our educational materials.
  • After the meeting, remember to complete the meeting evaluation form so others can learn from your great ideas.
Collecting Donations and Fundraising

DFW: Women from Loiy, Lenya. of BOMA FUND PROGRAM

At our heart, we are a fundraising organization and efficient and timely collection and handling of donations is an important part of chapter management. These resources can help keep you on track.

Connecting with Members

11 SW region chapters

  • Dinner Affirmation — Use this affirmation to emphasize the connection between dining together and Dining for Women, members share this affirmation when they gather. The leader may read it or invite another member to read, or it can be read in unison by the group.
“As we share food, we share something of ourselves and we honor each other. We recognize the powerful associations of women to food, life, and nurture in all cultures. We honor the importance of those. We also recognize the burdens they can bring. We remember the women about whom we’ve learned, the ones they strive to nurture, and the organizations that are trying to nurture them. By eating together as women, we remember and honor those women, who also have favorite foods and family recipes. And we express the hope that through our efforts, they may find more sustenance for their lives. May we all be able to feast together some day.”

DFW branding and creating materials

Marsha Wallace in Times Square wide

Dining for Women chapters often need materials to promote special events or publicize their chapter or the organization. We have several available and also a guide to helping you create your own.

  • Branding guidelines explain the acceptable uses of our logo and the specifics of our branded colors. Chapter Branding Guidelines
  • DFW logos. These can also be provided to any media requesting a logo.
    CMYK Logo (for print) | RGB logo (for web) | Tagline | Plate Only favicon
  • Get the whole package: This compressed file (zip) contains all the logos, all formats, the chapter branding book and a letterhead template. Download DFW logos, double-click on the zip file to extract to a folder and save the file. All the individual files will be in the folder called DFWLogos and available on your computer whenever you need them. This file also contains an EPS file necessary for high quality printing. This file can only be provided in a compressed file for security reasons.

Meeting tips and templates

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Here are some templates and documents to help you plan and organize a meeting. The download includes: