Chapter Leader Appreciation Month


  • Arrange for members to handle all chapter responsibilities in April so that your leader(s) can just sit back and enjoy the meeting!
  • Have all your chapter members sign a special “thank you” card or have each member write their own thank you card; present the cards to your Chapter Leader(s) at your April meeting.
  • Purchase fun party favors such as hats, noisemakers, streamers, confetti, sparkle candles, etc.
  • Ask members to contribute a few dollars each toward a group donation to DFW in honor of your Chapter Leader(s). Online donation form
  • Make a personalized cake or cookies.
  • Ask each member to bring a few flowers to your April meeting (store bought or from their garden) and arrange them in vases for your Chapter Leader(s) to take home. Ask each member to attach a tag to her flower stating why she appreciates your Chapter Leader(s).
  • Buy a small, group gift from DFW’s Marketplace (and DFW will benefit too!).
  • Create a collage of chapter photos and frame it for your Chapter Leader(s).
  • Give your Chapter Leader(s) a free night of babysitting, tickets to a movie, help with their garden, or a gift certificate for a nice lunch.
  • Monogram or personalize a tote bag for your Chapter Leader(s).
  • Make up a song or poem about your Chapter Leader(s) and sing/read it at your April chapter meeting.
  • Go on Pinterest and look for party decoration ideas, easy handmade gifts, etc.
  • Contact your local news media and have them do a story on your Chapter Leader(s). Click here for some tips for how to do this. Just be sure to ask your Chapter Leader if this is okay!