Our Biggest Chapter Meeting of the Year

International Women’s Day

March 8

Webcast-Photo-1024x768Each year, Dining for Women recognizes International Women’s Day with our “Biggest Chapter Meeting of the Year”. This virtual meeting links DFW chapters and members across the U.S. The event is broadcast live and recorded for on demand viewing.


Our 2018 Event

Putting Women & Girls at the Center of U.S. Foreign Aid


The focus of our 2018 “Biggest Chapter Meeting of the Year” is our new Advocacy Program. Advocacy is an important and exciting next step for DFW, as well as a natural extension of our Grants Program. Our goal is to give our members the education and tools to raise their voices in support of U.S. funding and policies that empower women and girls and promote gender equality in the developing world. By using our collective voices, we can promote systemic, long-term change to improve the lives of women and girls internationally.

When: Thursday, March 8th
Live event begins at 7:30 pm EST and will last approximately 1 hour.
What: Share the DFW Dinner Affirmation together
Discuss our March featured grantee, Women’s Justice Initiative in Guatemala
Special panel discussion on the importance of U.S. foreign aid for women and girls in the developing world
Announcement of our first advocacy call to action
Moderator & Panelists:

Susan-StallSusan Stall (Moderator)
DFW Board Chair
Dianne CalviDianne Calvi
President and CEO of Village Enterprise
(past DFW grantee)
JonathanPearson Jonathan Pearson
National Peace Corps Association Advocacy Director
Sara-DurrySarah Durry
Grants & Partnerships Oversight Committee Chair
How to join: Simply click on this link, or access it from the homepage of our website on the day of the event. You can go to this link now and set up a reminder on your Google account. This same link can be used to access the recording of the event.  A Google account is not required to watch, but is necessary to ask questions.

Webcast.Scottsdale-1024x768Please join us for this wonderful opportunity to connect with DFW chapters all across the U.S. and to learn more about how we can raise our voices for women and girls!!


For questions, please email info@diningforwomen.org.


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