Raising Our Voices for Women and Girls


DFW is sparking a grassroots advocacy movement to support women and girls in the developing world. Our power comes from the grassroots: our thousands of members working individually and with their chapters to advocate for the importance of gender equality in ending extreme poverty.

Advocacy GuideThrough our years of grantmaking, Dining for Women (DFW) has done amazing work to support on-the-ground projects in more than 40 countries with 150+ grassroots organizations. This work has been guided by a simple truth: investing in women and girls can pull whole families, communities, and even countries out of extreme poverty.

Advocacy is a natural extension of our grantmaking. The most effective nonprofits work to address both the symptoms and the root causes of problems like poverty and injustice. By raising awareness and pushing for U.S. policy reform, we can promote systemic, long-term change to improve the lives of women and girls internationally.

DFW has an impressive track record of success with our collective donations. We can have an even greater impact with our collective voices!


What are we advocating for?


DFW members will advocate for policies that align with our mission of empowering women and girls in the developing world and promoting gender equality. Our advocacy efforts will encompass a range of U.S. funding and legislative initiatives — from support for gender equality in the U.S. foreign aid budget, to specific policy areas such as protecting girls’ access to education, preventing violence against women, or advancing women’s role in peace and security. We also expect to support policies that make it easier for nonprofits to operate and be effective.

This movement is a big, non-partisan tent. DFW’s grantmaking brings together people from across the political spectrum, and our advocacy will do the same. The need to advocate for ending extreme poverty and ensuring gender equality transcends political affiliations.

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