500 Trees for 500 Chapters

As of Wednesday, February 5

Dining for Women is nearing a historic and significant milestone: we expect to reach 500 U.S. chapters for the first time in our 17-year history!

To commemorate this milestone, Dining for Women is partnering with our grantee Ripple Africa to plant 500 trees in Malawi.  Dining for Women has awarded multiple grants to Ripple Africa to construct low-tech, 100 percent sustainable, fuel efficient cook stoves. These “Chango Chango Moto” cookstoves combat many of the issues resulting from daily use of a traditional open fire.  They provide a 66 percent wood savings and produce less smoke, thus delivering positive outcomes for women in the areas of health, labor, safety, economic circumstance, and the natural environment.

Tree planting is a big part of what Ripple Africa does to combat deforestation. Upon achieving our 500 chapter goal, Dining for Women will plant 500 trees in the Nkhotakota and Mzimba Districts in Northern Malawi where the Changu Changu Moto project is taking place. According to Ripple Africa, this is a perfect complement to the Dining for Women cook stove project and really ties the two projects together. There is such a need for tree planting in these rural areas to replenish the trees which have been cut down for cooking on three-stone fires. Over time, trees have become more and more scarce, meaning that women have to go further and further collect firewood. This is not only time-consuming but presents safety issues for the women as well. The people living in this region are fully committed to preserving their environment as they have seen the negative impact from deforestation and understand the immediate and long term implications for their communities. The trees that will be planted are mostly pine and eucalyptus, which are fast growing and can be cut back to ground level to stimulate growth rather than cut down.

We are excited to participate in this important work and are grateful to Ripple Africa for allowing us to celebrate our 500 chapter milestone in such a meaningful way.

If you would like to help us reach our 500 chapter goal, please consider starting your own Dining for Women chapter.  For more information, please click on the button below or call Dining for Women at 864-335-8401.