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Welcome to Dining for Women (DFW) and our giving circle! We congratulate you and thank you for choosing to become an integral part of this movement dedicated to helping women around the world escape ignorance, poverty, and abuse and realize their potential. As a new chapter leader, you help make the DFW vision a reality one dinner at a time.

Give yourself 30 minutes to an hour to complete the training. You don't have to finish in one session - just make yourself a note about where you stopped, and use the menu above to find your way back.

  DFW Gathering

The goal of this brief tutorial is to acquaint you with Dining for Women — our organization and our values. Upon completion of this online course, you will...

Blue Dot Be able to describe to your chapter members what makes DFW unique among the vast number of non-profit organizations.
Blue Dot Understand why our members want to support our giving circle.
Blue Dot Have a clear understanding of how our members benefit from being involved with DFW.
Blue Dot
Be more knowledgeable about the logistics of:
  • Setting up your new chapter.
  • Soliciting help from chapter members.
  • Organizing and facilitating successful chapter meetings.
  • Handling member donations appropriately.

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