Upcoming Trips

Experiences are waiting

You are not a tourist on a DFW trip. You are experiencing other countries and other cultures at a grassroots level. Our trips are experiences that connect travelers with programs and women we support. We are thoughtful in developing our trips, so we only run a few each year. If experiential travel is on your bucket list, consider joining one of our trips.



Peru 2014 – Oct. 19 to Nov. 1

We will take 14 travelers to visit the wonders of Peru from Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca to remote regions where DFW donations are at work. We’ll visit INMED, a program we have sponsored several times and enjoy other once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Learn more and apply for this trip. 



Burma 2015 — Jan. 19 – Feb. 2

Join us on a magical adventure to a country that has just recently opened its doors to tourism. We’ll meet the inspiring young women of Girl Determined, and explore mesmerizing and enchanting highlights of this country. Find out more and apply.