Peace Corps’ Let Girls Learn Partnership



Peace Corps’ Let Girls Learn Partnership

In April 2016, Dining for Women awarded its first partnership grant in the amount of $100,000 to the Peace Corps’ Let Girls Learn Fund. Let Girls Learn seeks to eliminate the barriers that 62 million girls worldwide face in accessing an education.


DFW’s partnership grant is being used to fund grassroots, community-led projects in the countries where Peace Corps Volunteers serve. One hundred percent of DFW’s donated dollars goes directly to the projects and to helping women and girls on the ground.  The communities must contribute a minimum of 25 percent of the project costs in either in-kind or cash support, which ensures that they have a vested interest in the projects.

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There are four anchor activities eligible for DFW funding, all of which help girls by removing social and structural barriers that prevent access to education and improving the overall quality of education. These activities are:

LetGirlsLearn-01As of late July 2016, nearly $70,000 has been awarded to Peace Corps Volunteers to fund 20 projects in 13 countries.

First Quarterly Report of Funded Projects (May – July 2016)

Second Quarterly Report of Funded Projects (May – October 2016)

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