Help Dining for Women…

Are you passionate, engaged and ready to lend a hand to our effort to give a hand up – not a hand out – to women and girls around the world? Yes? Great, let’s get started. Occasionally we have needs at the headquarters level for individuals to serve on committees or helping with areas like communications or the website. Here’s a list of our current volunteer needs. New positions are added regularly. When you find a position that fits your gifts and passions, click apply to fill out the volunteer application.

Regional Leader Committee

Regional Leaders play a key role in attracting, engaging, retaining and mobilizing Dining for Women members within their assigned region. They are responsible for the overall management of the region, including oversight of a team of volunteer leaders, the development and support of regional strategies to grow new chapters, retain existing chapters, and increase awareness of DFW and its mission.

Requirements for this position include strong interpersonal skills, effective written and verbal communication skills, public speaking experience, good organizational skills, and ability to manage a team of volunteers.

We are currently looking for Regional Leaders or Co-Leaders in the following regions:

  • Carolinas (NC, SC)
  • Florida
  • Heartland (IA, IL, MN, MO, ND, NE, SD, WI)
  • Northeast (CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI VT)
  • Texokana (KS, OK, TX)

For questions or further information, please contact Wendy Frattolin, Communications and Membership Director, at wendy@diningforwomen.org.

Click here to view the full Regional Leader job description.


Summit Committee

The Summit Committee is responsible for organizing a four day public event intended to raise awareness of the impact and vision of Dining for Women and raise awareness of the cultural, social, environmental and health issues faced by women and girls in the developing world.  We are considering our options for cities and dates at this time.

We are looking for 5-7 people for each of the following subcommittees:

The  Summit Sponsorship Subcommittee is responsible for securing financial and in-kind support to help defray Summit costs. The Sponsorship Subcommittee will develop a comprehensive sponsorship strategy to be approved by the Executive Director. Sponsors will be individuals and organizations who are philosophically aligned with DFW. The sponsorship strategy will include ways to recognize and celebrate sponsor contributions and to build ongoing mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded organizations. The Sponsorship Subcommittee will work closely with other Summit Subcommittees and DFW staff partners to ensure that sponsors are recognized in digital and print event materials and signage before during and after the Summit.


The Summit Engagement Subcommittee is responsible for developing and coordinating a creative program of activities to complement and contextualize the Summit themes, reflect the work of our grantees, and enable all Summit participants to enhance their understanding of DFW’s impact areas. The Engagement Subcommittee will collaborate closely with other Summit subcommittees to ensure a cohesive integration of activities alongside keynote events and breakout sessions.


The Summit Publicity and Communications Subcommittee is responsible for planning and implementing a comprehensive strategy to promote awareness of and excitement about the Dining for Women Summit internally and externally.  The Publicity and Communications Subcommittee works closely with DFW staff partners to develop key messaging and event branding, build contact lists, implement social media and email campaigns, issue press releases, and seek digital publicity opportunities, especially any provided by sponsors and media partners. The Publicity and Communications Subcommittee will work closely with all other Summit Subcommittees and the DFW webmaster to ensure the Summit website is always current.  The Publicity and Communications Committee will develop conference materials such as fliers, posters, conference programs, attendee lists, and maps in digital formats suitable for the Summit mobile application and also for print (subject to budget). The Publicity and Communications Committee will create attendee badges and coordinate signage requirements with other subcommittees. The Publicity and Communications Committee will document the event using video and audio recording, photography, and designated social media feeds.


The Summit Logistics Subcommittee is responsible for venue set up and breakdown, venue liaison, security, accessibility, AV, catering arrangements, placement of signage, onsite welcome and registration. The Logistics Subcommittee will work closely with all other Summit Subcommittees and staff to track attendee numbers and plan session rooms , catering, any offsite transportation needs, table decorations, vendor space, AV needs, conference materials, badges, and other supplies accordingly.


The Summit Intellectual Content Subcommittee is responsible for planning a series of presentations, breakout sessions, workshops, interactive panel discussions, Q&A sessions and/or offsite meetings to result in a well balanced program that reflects the past impact and future vision of DFW, the work of our grantees and partners.
The Intellectual Content Subcommittee will work closely with DFW staff partners to identify and recruit keynote speakers, panelists, and moderators and will provide them with terms of reference including a overview of Summit themes and preferred talking points, duration of remarks, schedule of events, and logistical information as appropriate. Speakers are encouraged to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses if possible.  The Intellectual Content Subcommittee will work closely with other Summit Subcommittees to announce the program of speakers, including speakers’ biographical information and photographs, contact information for them and their guests and networks.