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Dining For Women Is...

a Hand UP

Not A Handout

We Help Women

Find Dignity and Strength

Develop Skills and Opportunities

Value and Support Their Children's Education

See Hope for the Future






Dig into our annual report

Our 2014 Annual Report is out. It tells the story of our year through beautiful photos, personal stories about women and girls reached by our support and interactive graphics and videos.

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New grants for 2015 announced

Programs for the remainder of 2015 support women's reproductive health, mental health and healthy births and babies, as well as conservation and scholarships for a Nepali girls' school.

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Recovering from Ebola

We have invested in several programs working in areas of Africa that have battled Ebola. In a three-part series, we look at how they are recovering as the outbreak wanes.

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MamaBaby Haiti | April 2015