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Dining For Women Is...

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We Help Women

Find Dignity and Strength

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Reserve Program grants announced

Our first programs to receive Reserve Grants have been announced. They include a program founded by a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and education-focused programs in Tanzania and Kenya.

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Hangout with SHE

Find out how SHE developed innovative solutions to help fight the social taboo of menstruation. Their program creates jobs, develops sustainable products, and educates girls - and boys. Period.


Travelers explore Burma

The trip to Burma/Myanmar offers expansive opportunities to learn and experience this unique culture. And visit with one of our programs - Girl Determined.

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Featured Program
SHE (Sustainable Health Enterprises)

SHE is a social enterprise that is focused on menstrual health. From developing an innovative and sustainable solution, to providing education for boys and girls - and their teachers, SHE is committed to breaking this taboo. Period.

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