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Dining For Women Is...

a Hand UP

Not A Handout

We Help Women

Find Dignity and Strength

Develop Skills and Opportunities

Value and Support Their Children's Education

See Hope for the Future






What's ahead for DFW in 2015?

Stronger connections, new relationships and mutually beneficial collaborations will help DFW extend our reach.

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Hangout with Collateral Repair Project

Learn how CRP faces challenges of urban refugees in Jordan and how they are helping women and families who are collateral damage of the region's conflicts.

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Education tops our focus

34 percent of the programs we support are focused on education. This and some other interesting stats are in our blog infographic.

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Featured Program
Collateral Repair Project

Refugees of conflict zones in Iraq and Syria have little to lose. With no homes, no money, no country, no work and no community, they are the collateral damage of decades of unrest and war. The Collateral Repair Project works to help women and children rebuild their lives.

Sustained Support
The BOMA Project